About Us - School Philosophy

Our philosphical approach is to:

                                            Find Understanding

                                             Build Confidence

                                             Maximize Potential

And to foster a spirit of enquiry & scientific wisdom, inculcate healthy and positive ways of living and care for environment. Help children develop strong ethical values. Imbibe principles such as empathy and dignity. Partner with parents in a holistic development of their child. Ensure that no child is left behind in the learning process.

Much of our school is found in our school-wide philosphical beleif in, and understanding of, self-determination Theory, which has three core values.

1. Building strong RELATIONSHIPS with students to really understand each individua's strengths and intrests.(FINDING UNDERSTANDING)

2. Ensuring that students feel a sense of COMPETENCE at school, to develop their confidence and self beleif that they can be the incredible peopple who they know they really are. (BUILD CONFIDENCE)

3. providing a sense of AUTONOMY in the classroom, so that students feel connected to their learning, and have a voice in their education; which allows students the freedom to thrive and maximize their potential. (MAXIMIZE POTENTIAL)